Scandinox AB was founded in 1988 in Halmstad by Thomas Larsson. The basic idea of working as agents for medium-sized, specialized steel producers expanded over the years with its own inventory in Halmstad.

Our suppliers manufacture and stock rods, flanges, fittings and pipes. Close cooperation with our suppliers guarantees ensuring a smooth, high quality materials that our customers demand. Technical expertise from each supplier is available.

Through various manufacturing processes, we are competitive for both long runs and small quantities.
We work with materials from simple to high-quality stainless grades of titanium and super alloys.

Scandinox AB
Industrivägen 3

Tel: +46(0)35-17 99 50
Fax: +46(0)35-16 95 95

About Scandinox

Our name almost says it all. We provide stainless products on the Scandinavian and Nordic market. In Scandinox our customers has a supplier and project partner that sets the personal contact first.

Our wide range of pipes, pipe parts, forging, flanges and bar material are made by leadning producers in Europe. To increase our service we can store products in our warehouses. In a close dialog with our customers we can come up with the best solution, both economically and technically.